Taking some time out to see Taylor Swift

I recently took some time out from work to see Taylor Swift perform

When Taylor Swift announced that she was going to tour London last year, her twitter account went viral especially the UK fans who expected the American singer to perform at the London’s O2 Arena. This 3-hour show was one of a kind and many of the  fans had never believed the amazing show that they were going to enjoy while ushering the new year of 2014.

When the announcement came out, the organizers only took just 2 weeks to sell all the tickets. The high-ticket sale turnover made her one of the most successful American singers to ever reach that target in the history of all other singers who have toured London in the past, and there were over 20,000 fans at the concert in total.

Immediately, Taylor Swift started singing at the London’s O2 Arena, the crowd went crazy and many found themselves screaming at her amazing songs. In the concert, many of the fans wore t-shirts with the slogan “Taylor Swift, the UK’s chosen one” to show their loyalty towards the singer and her incredible ability to thrill the crowd. This was her first time to tour London and this made her to give it the name” Taylor Swift’s Red tour Concert”. The concert started immediately at 10 pm when Taylor Swift went on the stage. Instantaneously, you could see the whole crowd ecstatic about her songs. She started with one of her best hit in UK known as “I Knew You Were Trouble”. The crowd was on their feet dancing at this amazing hit song.

Her dress and dancing styles also made the crowd to rejoice. Many of fans were surprised at not only her ability to sing but also dance most of her songs such as Blank Space, Shake It Off, Love Story, and most amazingly We Are Never Ever Getting Back together among many other songs she performed.

For those who attended, Taylor Swift’s Red tour was one of the best tours that she ever host given the huge number of fans.

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